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Was already thinking of making a workflow of my latest nebula drawing.

Then… penguinpolly said: Wooow! How did you do this?

So here it is.

I used the watercolor, the soft lead pencil and about 10 hours to draw it.

- First I started with a black background.
- Then used the watercolor to make a rough postion of the nebula.
I start with white and then use another color over the white, this way you can create these shining effects.

- Making a short and fast (like you’re going mental) touch-swipe-touch-swipe-and so on move with a black watercolor makes the edges fade away (more swipes, more fading).
- I guess this would also work with Pencil, because you can blend. I use a Bamboo stylus - Pencil still not in Europe :(

- Then add stars, a lot of stars, really a lot of stars with the soft lead pencil.
- I used different colors (like white, light blue, grey and even some red).

- If you like add more parts with the watercolor.

- Then add more stars, a lot more stars, and when you think there are enough stars, add more :) and add some bigger stars.
- Use the black watercolor to fade some stars.

- With the asteroids, I started with a black shape (with the soft lead pencil) and then added different brown colors (use lighter colors where the light is coming from).

That’s it ! Hope you liked it. Here’s the end result:

Progress as promised! 😁

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